Legalization of documents

Legalization of documents involves the preparation of documents for their use abroad.

There is a number of cases where legalization is required:

- for individuals:

  • registration of citizenship or residence permit in a foreign country
  • issue of marriage abroad
  • commission of powers of attorney for activities abroad
  • provision of authorization for an underage child to travel abroad, acquisition of real estate, etc.
  • assignment of declarations and affidavits
  • other instances

- for companies:

  • establishment of branches, representative offices, incorporation of companies abroad
  • opening of accounts in foreign banks
  • granting of powers of attorney to act on behalf of a legal body abroad
  • assignment of audit reports, invoices, bills of lading, etc.
  • other instances associated with foreign trade activities

The need for legalization

The majority of foreign official bodies shall take into consideration legalized documents, however there are some exceptions, therefore when it comes to the legalization of documents, it is desirable to ascertain where these documents must be submitted with the directly applicable bodies.

Legalization of documents issued in the Russian Federation and the former Soviet Union

In accordance with legislation, the documents will be legalized in the country in which they are issued. The "Status Perevod" agency provides private and legal bodies with services for the legalization of documents issued in the Russian Federation, as well as documents issued in the former republics of the Soviet Union before 1991.

Requirements for legalization

There are various types of legalization, as well as special requirements stipulated by legislation with respect to legalized documents. The method of legalization depends on the country where the document will be used as well as the type and content of the document.

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Legalization options

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