Attestation of degrees

We are happy to make a special offer for attestation of degrees for foreign citizens graduating from Russian universities!

Consular legalization of degrees includes the document attestation in the Russian Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and further in the Embassy of a foreign state.

The price for the attestation of a degree is just 4,000 rubles!

The price does not include the consular fee of the embassies, e.g.:

  • attestation in the UAE Embassy in Moscow - RUR 4,500;
  • attestation in the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Moscow - USD 10;
  • attestation in the Embassy of Qatar in Moscow - RUR 500;
  • attestation in the Embassy of Kuwait in Moscow - USD 25.

Get a free consultation on the attestation of your diploma by contacting us! Information by phone: +7(495)2121739 or +7(800)5553576 (free if calling from the regions).

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