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1) Status Translation LLC is your business partner for reliable and professional translations. From start to finish we provide you with high quality translation support at a reasonable price.

2) We are always here at your service to offer solutions to your most complex translation problems with an individual approach to each and every client. The professionalism and dedication of our translators and staff is unmatched in the industry - the quality of our service and our flexible pricing ensures long-term cooperation with our valued clients.




We make interpreting at group negotiations and during conference calls routine.

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Translation services

With our staff of highly qualified translators, you can rest assured that the translation of your document will be accurate no matter what the subject. Whether legal, financial, medical, or technical translations, we guarantee your project to be accurate, punctual, and on-budget.

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Notarized translation

We provide notarized translations of documents in all languages. Due to the cooperation with many Moscow notaries, the certified translation of your documents will be prepared quickly and accurately.

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If you need to use a document in the US, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, the UK or many other European countries, it is not necessary to undergo a multistep procedure of consular legalization. You simply need to apostillize it to give it legal force abroad.

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Consular legalization

An international standard procedure known as consular legalization takes effect to attest a document to be used in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, China, and many other states.

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Legalization in CCI

Commercial documents, such as contracts or invoices, shall be attested in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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Corporate services

One of the priorities of our company is to provide integrated corporate services in the field of translation and interpretating.

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Special offers

Get more information about our special offers and discounts for private and corporate clients.

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