Certified translations

In most cases, when a translated document should be provided to official bodies of the Russian Federation, or indeed abroad, it is not a case of simply translating a document. You also require its legalization, certified translation or confirmation of the accuracy of the translation by means of a seal from the translation agency.

Employees of our company are ready to provide comprehensive information on each of the forms of certified translation confirmation.

Our agency undertakes certified translations of both personal documents and documents from legal entities. The owners of such documents do not have to be present for the certification to be performed.

If the translation does not need to be certified with a notary officer, but must have confirmation that it has been translated by a professional translation company, a certification of the translation is undertaken by means of signature by the translator, the head of the agency and the seal of the "Status Translation" agency. The certification of the translation by means of signature of the translator, the head of the agency and seal of the translation agency is free of charge.

When do you need an official translation of documents

In Russia, translations of passports must always be notarized:

  • for marriage,
  • when applying for a job,
  • when applying for a residence permit,
  • for banking operations.

In addition, in these and other cases you may need an official translation of other personal documents.

If you are a company representative, you will need a notarized translation of your corporate documents:

  • to open a representative office or branch in Russia,
  • to open a bank account,
  • for banking operations,
  • for notary attestation.
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