Corporate services

One of the priorities and most critical activities of the "Status Translation" agency is to provide integrated corporate services to Russian and foreign legal entities in the field of translation and interpretation.

Individual approach

Irrespective of the scope of activities that your company undertakes, the optimal implementation of a strategy of interaction using a personal manager who continuously monitors the quality of the relevant services is absolutely vital.

Pricing policy

The conclusion of a corporate services contract signifies that the client obtains a discount of 10% on the base cost of translation and the related services. During the process of cooperation, this discount increases to 20% when we reach a certain volume.

Furthermore, since we undertake the delivery of translations to corporate customers using a private delivery service, there is no extra charge on the part of the client.

Professional experience

The "Status Translation" agency can claim to have extensive experience in carrying out corporate services in the field of translation and the legalization of documents. We can count multinational corporations, a series of banks, major law firms across the city of Moscow, leading industrial enterprises from across various regions of Russia as among our corporate clients.

Our professionalism, efficiency, consistent quality and the ability to find the optimal solution to even the most complex of issues means that we are an extremely wise choice when it comes to choosing a partner who can deal with the linguistic matters of your business.


Our translation agency places the strict confidentiality of our client as an absolute priority when it comes to dealing with material. This is achieved thanks to a multi-stage system of control for confidentiality, developed by our company.

More information regarding our corporate services can be obtained by calling us at: +7 (495) 212-1739, 8(800)555-3576.

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