Interpreting in discussions, supporting delegations, interpreting telephone conferences in real time are all issues that can be handled much easier than you would think thanks to the work of our translation agency.

Our specialists will provide expert linguistic support and ensure:

  • Consecutive interpreting;
  • Telephone conference interpreting;
  • Simultaneous interpreting.

Consecutive interpreting

Preliminary preparation for an event

What's important for us to know: besides the working language or the event languages, dates and locations, it's important that we gather as much information about the topic of the meeting as possible. By doing so, the interpreter will have the opportunity to thoroughly prepare for the meeting, become familiar with the specific terminology of the client, which means that communication with your foreign partners will take place as efficiently as possible. We recommend you to pay close attention to the choice of interpreter. This allows you to select the best option and ensure the highest level of consecutive interpretation.

Interpreter competence

We think that it's an absolute imperative that your specialist has the relevant specialist expertise for your event. The inherent qualities of our employees include punctuality, accuracy and correctness. Any information obtained during the course of the discussions is regarded as strictly confidential.

Telephone conference interpreting

When working with foreign partners within the framework of productive consultations, the need often arises to clarify certain pieces of information, to discuss urgent pressing issues or to handle individual key areas and in such instances, email communications sometimes just simply isn't enough. In such a situation, it would be hardly practical to book the services of a consecutive interpreter for your office, it would take much longer and require higher financial costs.

The optimum solution for such problems involves organising a telephone conference with an interpreter through Skype or another means of communication. The benefit of doing just this means that you deal with the task in hand and do not lose any time over it.

Our agency managers will be able to give you more details regarding the cost and procedure of organising such telephone conversations.

Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpretation is the most complex form of interpretation in which the interpreter translates simultaneously with the speaker by means of special equipment. Orders for the provision of simultaneous interpretation services are accepted no sooner than 10 days before the start of the event with the provision of materials relating to the theme of the event mandatory.

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