Attestation in the Embassy of Algeria

General information and prices

More and more Russian companies are currently starting to consider Algeria as a promising place for business development. A large number of tenders in the construction, energy, as well as other sectors of industry, are being regularly issued in Algeria. Due to the fact that Algeria is not a signatory to the Hague Apostille Convention, in order to participate in tenders, the registration of representative offices and joint ventures requires the implementation of full consular legalization in terms of statutory and tender documents.

The consular legalization of documents for Algeriainvolves the legalization of documents in the Ministry of Justice of Russia, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia and the Consular Department of the Embassy of Algeria in Moscow.

Standard legalization of documents for Algeria is carried out over 11-12 working days, it costs 5,000 roubles per document.

Urgent legalization of documents for Algeria takes 6-7 working days, the cost of urgent legalization amounts to 8,500 roubles per  document.

The price of the legalization does not include the cost of the certified authenticated translation of documents and consular fee of the Embassy of Algeria. The cost of translation depends on the type of document: in the case of diploma or  police clearance certificate legalization, the cost of a certified translation is fixed at 950 roubles when translating into French, and 1,200 roubles when translating into Arabic. Nevertheless, if you need to legalize a charter document, the price of the translation will depend on the text volume, and you will be able find out the exact cost of a certified translation of such a document in any one of our translation agencies across Moscow.

In contrast to a number of other states, the Algerian Embassy charges a uniform consular fee for the legalization of commercial and personal documents: 4,500 roubles (implementation period - 5 working days).

The legalization of commercial documents, for example, commercial invoices, licenses, certificates of SRO, is implemented in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation. The implementation period in the CCI is 1-2 working days, the cost amounts to 4,000 roubles per document.

Past experience of document legalization for application in Algeria

Our company has vast experience in the legalization of various documents for rendering their legal validity in Algeria. We are the regular partner of some major Russian and international corporations, providing information and translation support for participation in tenders, as well as registration activities in Algeria.

We carry out professional implementation involving the consular legalization of documents for the following purposes:

  • Registration of a joint venture in Algeria;
  • Registration of representative offices in Algeria;
  • Legalization of birth certificates, diplomas, police clearance certificates for tender participation in Algeria;
  • Legalization of charter documents, letters of attorney, licenses, certificates of SRO, reviews and other commercial documents for tender participation in Algeria;
  • In many other cases.

We are pleased to offer you a free consultation concerning the consular legalization of documents. Find out more detailed information by telephone: (495) 212 17 39 or 8 (800) 555 35 76 (free if calling from the regions).

If you are not in Moscow

If you are located outside of Moscow and you are not able to come to Moscow for the legalization of your documents, then we are more than happy to help you!

You can send documents for legalization to our office using any courier and make a payment via bank transfer. After issuance of document consular legalization, our employees will send the documents to any address that you specify, including to Algeria, while keeping your cost of shipping limited only to the tariff for your chosen courier service, we do not charge additional commission for sending documents!

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